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Beauty pen

Beauty pen

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a small pen can make you beautiful.  

The pen uses the latest freckle removal technology to safely and comfortably remove freckles and blemishes without any side effects.
The unique ionization technology eliminates stains, does not harm normal skin, does not bleed, and does not cause pain.
It has 3 adjustable sweep point power outputs for different processing, reliable, practical and convenient.
Lower levels are used for spots and freckles, and high levels are used for taupe and skin tags.
Charge directly via USB cable

It uses a new generation of low-temperature high-frequency micro-zone plasma discharge technology.
Can be quickly effective, no bleeding, side effects of medical cosmetic effects,
Easy to transport and easy to operate

color: White
Voltage: 110 V-220V 50-60Hz

The package includes:
1 x point taupe removal pen
1 x USB cable
1 x thick needle
5 x pin thin
1× syringe needle

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